How Search Engines Evaluate Websites

How Search Engines Evaluate Websites

How Search Engines Evaluate Websites
To first understand SEO & Internet Marketing, you must first understand how search engines like Google evaluate websites in order to determine where to list them in their results pages. While the exact details of the algorithms used by search engines like Google aren’t made public, from their published guidelines and advice given at conferences, as well as research conducted by SEO professionals, we know the following:

What are the main factors that affect a site’s ranking?
There are many factors that influence the ordering of results for any given search term. There are, however, several which remain continually important.

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The quality and volume of links pointing to your site
Historically, links from other websites have, and continue to be, the biggest factor to how well your site will rank for any given search term. Websites that link back to you – sometimes known as backlinks or inbound links – pass value that help determine your site’s credibility and worthiness to rank. Links from relevant or more prestigious sites such as academic institutions, government and news sites are given more weight in the eyes of the search engines and pass more value than smaller, less popular ones.

The text used to link to your website also influences how much value is passed. The link text (commonly known as anchor text) helps inform the search engines the intent behind the link and again influences how likely a site is to rank higher for a particular term. Good link text should tell a user exactly what they will get when they visit the link and also work in isolation so that someone doesn’t have to read all the content around it. Although it is not always the case, the site with the largest volume of high quality/relevant links for a particular term should rank highest. Because of the effectiveness of links in influencing rankings, many sites have artificially created or paid for links to improve their positions. Search engines such as Google continue to tweak their algorithms to detect and punish gaming of their system. This means that anything you do to increase the number of links pointing to your site has an inherent risk if not performed with an understanding of the various webmaster guidelines.

The quality, depth and freshness of your content
Search engines have become very effective at understanding content on a web page in recent years and can now determine its topics, the intent behind the page, the entities within it and how relevant it is to the broader topic.

Google’s algorithm places great weight on the expertise, authority and trust it can infer within content and how recently it has been published or updated.

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