A New Makti Bathroom & Shower for Your Home

A New Makti Bathroom & Shower for Your Home

A New Bathroom & Shower for Your Home
Your home is your space and your space is your life, and more than any other room in the house the bathroom is about the senses and how we sooth, pacify and reinvigorate them. If you live in a decades-old house with a relatively small bathroom, you might be thinking that there is little that can be done to make such a small space more attractive to potential buyers. If so, think again, interior designers are experts at making small spaces seem bigger, and bathroom furniture and supply companies carry products for bathrooms of all sizes and are typically able to assist homeowners with both small-scale and large-scale bathroom upgrades.

It’s no secret that kitchen and bathroom upgrades do more than almost any other cosmetic home improvement project to increase its attractiveness to prospective buyers, effectively allowing the house to sell itself. If you consider your bathroom to be small and cramped, let a professional work with you to figure out what would be the best possible use of the space. If a bathtub you never use takes up a substantial amount of floor space, then one of the first things you should consider doing is ripping out the bathtub and replacing it with a more compact shower cubicle.

A shower cubicle with glass walls and door show whoever walks in the size of the bathroom, thus opening up the space. You might also find, even if you don’t have immediate plans to sell, that the shower cubicle makes for a warmer shower since it retains steam within a smaller space for the duration of the shower. There’s nothing more dreadful than feeling the warmth of your shower going straight up and away, or out through the spaces between the shower curtain and the wall, before you’re even done showering!

A great place to start your search when updating your bathroom is to visit a leading UK supplier such as P.T. Ranson bathrooms. They carry a wide range of products for luxury bathroom upgrades, including Matki showers, Hansgrohe showers and much more. No matter the size of the space you’re working with, our consultants can help you with a design that includes fixtures and features to suit the current dimensions of your bathroom.

A bathroom remodel is a major investment in your home, after all, and we want you to be certain that the sum you invest today will result in a new look for your bathroom that you will love for years to come and that will leave you in a good position to sell if you ever decide to do so.

So no matter what type of bathroom you would like to make or if you are just looking around for some new ideas the excellent range at P T Ranson is the ideal place to start looking for everything you need. With so many different ranges available from such a wide range of suppliers, all featuring their own unique features, you will find plenty of products to compare until you are totally happy with the design  that you have chosen.

Whether you prefer to soak in the tub or unwind under the shower you will be able to find the perfect solutions for you and your family even if you have a small or awkwardly shaped bathroom, and with excellent customer service every time you can be certain that no matter what new bathroom you may choose, at P T Ranson they will do everything they can to ensure that you are 100 per-cent happy with your purchase.

P T Ranson bathrooms & Showers
So why not head over to the P T Ranson bathrooms website or give them a call on 0191 4696999 for some inspiration and start planning what you could do with your bathroom this year? With so many unique and high performance products on offer from some top bathroom design companies you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed.


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