Month: August 2017

Promoting Cadwallader Blinds

Promoting Cadwallader Blinds

Promoting Cadwallader Blinds

Direct Submit are pleased to announce they are now promoting Cadwallader Blinds who make and install made to measure window blinds throughout Wales, including: Powys, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Shropshire, Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot & Cardiff. The business is built on meeting each of our customers individual needs to help you get your home the way you want it and all our blinds will be made to measure to ensure they fully compliment your home and look great.

Manufactured to a high standard, offering a wide range of blinds in many varied designs, shades and colours, they offer a personal no obligation free measuring service, and because they are a small family run business they believe we are able to offer a great client based service and very affordable prices to all our customers. All blinds can be customised to precisely match your existing windows.

With a wide range of available colours, textures and accessories to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect blinds for your home or office. To contact Cadwallader Blinds call 07517 112456 or visit their website and they will be happy to help.

Direct Submit will be working with the client to help promote the business on the Internet, helping raise the companies profile and potential for business online. If you would like to know more about the SEO services available from Direct Submit then call 0845 2722350 or visit the Direct Submit website today.

Researching Quality content

Researching Quality content

Researching Quality content for SEO

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘quality content’ bandied around a lot over the last couple of years, especially in the context of ‘Google loves quality content’. But what does this phrase really mean? How can a machine learning algorithm determine whether an article is ‘good’ or not. Well it will never judge for personal taste of course, but there are some technical things you can do to make sure your content is deemed worthy, not just to anonymous digital spider crawlers but also real human readers too.

1) The most important element when it comes to creating content that ranks highly, write for human readers, not search engines. Increasingly Google is moving away from giving keywords top priority when it comes to ranking signals and is instead giving preference to the user experience.

How do you achieve this?

2) Don’t overstuff your page with keywords and phrases, while shoe-horning in as many variations as possible. Instead write something a reader can genuinely engage with and enjoy or learn from. This is what will keep a visitor on your page, navigate further around your site and ultimately share your very well written content.

3) Grammar and spelling: an obvious one sure, but it’s vital to double-check spelling and grammar with a thorough spell-check AND proof-read from a fresh pair of eyes. Google will probably spot multiple glaring mistakes, but more importantly if you’re making multiple typos then visitors will trust your content less.


4) It’s worth checking your content against the Flesch reading ease test. This will give your content a score based on how well it can be understood by readers. Although this hasn’t been explicitly stated by Google as a ranking signal, Yoast uses the test in its WordPress SEO tool and it’s certainly something to consider when you’re trying to improve readability.

You probably want to be aiming for a readability score above 60%.

readability score

Yoast also offers a number of other recommendations to improve the readability of your text, these include:

5) Keep your sentences short. Make sure that no more than 25% of your sentences contain more than 20 words.

6) Keep your paragraphs short. Make sure each paragraph doesn’t exceed the recommended maximum of 150 words. It’s worth double-checking that any lengthy paragraphs are covering only one particular topic.

7) Use an active voice. Only 10% of your sentences should be written in a passive tense.

8) If using subheadings, make sure the number of words following each of the subheadings doesn’t exceed the recommended maximum of 300 words.

9) Try to make sure that roughly 50% of your sentences contain a transition word.

transition words


10) White space: when writing for the internet, break up your paragraphs as often as possible. Lots of white space makes reading text on mobile phones a heck of a lot easier (more than half of most websites’ traffic comes from mobile), and clearly formatted articles are used as a Google ranking signal.

11) Opening paragraph: this shouldn’t be longer than one or two sentences. Make sure the thing you’re writing about is mentioned in the first sentence (i.e. your focus keyword or phrase). I like to bold the first paragraph to make it distinct.

12) Subheadings: use plenty of subheadings to break up the text. Follow a logical order of h2 and h3 tags.

h2 and h3 tags

13) Bullet points and numbered lists: these help break up the text and makes a page more readable. Remember: nobody ever skips bullet-points.


14) It’s perhaps time to ditch the long-held notion that the minimum word count should be 300 words per post.

The latest research from Searchmetrics on ranking factors indicates that Google is moving further towards longer-form content that understands a visitor’s intention as a whole. Short posts naturally won’t be going into anything in great detail, so length is an obvious signal.

According to Searchmetrics, the average text length of the top 30 pages increased by 25% since 2014. Posts in the top 10 exceeded a word count of 1,285.

Promoting HW Global Partners

Promoting HW Global Partners

Promoting HW Global Partners

We at Direct Submit are pleased to announce another new client, HW Global Executive Search and Professional Interim, whose practice areas include Executive Search and Professional Interim in the Consumer, Financial Services, Business Services, Industrial, CFO, CIO, Chair & NED sectors. We will be working with the company to increase their online profile and improve their search engine listings. 

With offices in Leeds, Manchester and London, their focus is on the senior talent needs of a broad range of dynamic organisations from small capitally invested start-ups through to publicly traded multi-nationals. We have a significant breadth of functional and cross industry expertise that incorporates both local and global geographies. On the HW Global website they state that “as a true client partner HW work tirelessly to ensure that we genuinely appreciate the intimate detail of every search we undertake. We believe in providing healthy challenge and honest feedback through each phase of the assignment, tackling potential issues collaboratively whilst offering constructive solutions throughout”.

If you would like further information on how Direct Submit could your business work harder for you then why not give us a call on 0845 2722350 or visit our SEO Services website today


Three Ways To Increase Profits On Your E-Commerce Site

Three Ways To Increase Profits On Your E-Commerce Site

Three Ways To Increase Profits On Your E-Commerce Site
With the world going digital, the e-Commerce business has grown by 23% on a yearly basis. But there’s more to opening an online store than just displaying your products on a website. As an entrepreneur, you need to focus a chunk of your energy on marketing your business. Unless you have already established a large, loyal customer base, that draws traffic to your site, your online store won’t make sales. If you want to increase the number of sales that are made online, check out these three ways to increase profits on your e-Commerce site!

Drive paid traffic
Once you’ve improved your on-page SEO with site optimisation, you’ll want to drive paid traffic to your site. Paid traffic, while it sounds expensive at first, is a good starting point. If you build a successful PPC, or display ad campaign, you will be able to receive more money than what you spent on advertising. Consider Google AdWords as your advertising service. You can send traffic to your site by setting up Facebook ads, or buying display ads on popular websites within your market. Paid traffic is a great way to build a customer list, and sell your products. Just make sure that you’re targeting the appropriate keywords and traffic sources!

Improve your sales funnel
Ever wonder why businesses are so pressed to collect your e-mail after making a purchase, or sending an inquiry? Because e-mail marketing allows them to send you automated updates about their company – new sales, discounts, products, services, etc – in hopes that you’ll make a purchase. For you, the business owner, this means setting up landing pages, lead generation pop-ups, and offer lead magnets. When you create an effective sales funnel, you make it easy for people to buy your products. Something as simple as collecting an e-mail can be an effective call-to-action – as discussed on Marccx Media’s “30 eCommerce Marketing Tips”. A smoother sales funnel can help you increase your revenue quickly.

Offer products on multiple eCommerce sites
It’s not enough to just sell products on your website. You can also benefit from major e-Commerce sites like Amazon, and eBay, just by selling your products through their marketplace. When you sell on these major sites, you increase the number of eyes on your products, and the listing can be used as traffic sources to your site.  There’s no cap on how many e-Commerce sites you join – the more, the merrier. Just be mindful of any fees, of course. Test out a few, and see which works best for your company.

These three tips will surely aid you in your journey to running a successful e-Commerce business.

Benefits to Business of Embracing Internet Marketing

Benefits to Business of Embracing Internet Marketing

Benefits to Business of Embracing Internet Marketing

Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed a revolution that swept across the world. It was the revolution of the Internet and all its accompanying features. From social media to the rise of Facebook to e-commerce marketing, the internet has not only transformed the way we live and socialize, it has also changed the way businesses should view marketing forever. Gone are the days when businesses could only market to their local area. Today, with the entire Internet available to billions of people, the potential to tap into these customers is incredible.

In today’s tech-driven world, no business owner should even think to ignore internet marketing. We can’t just accept the fact of internet marketing, we need to fully embrace and take hold of all the benefits it can bring. The truth of the matter is that internet marketing provides any entrepreneur with a size of audience so large, it would be impossible to ignore it.

To get an idea of how essential internet marketing is to any business, this article will take a look at statistics and quotes from the leaders of the business world, in order to help you get a picture of why internet marketing should be fully embraced.

1. Most Customers Research Online Before Buying

According to a study by Interconnected World, they found that 61% of customers research products online before making any purchase.

This means that 61% of your target audience is actively searching online for a business or product like yours. They are out there, right at this moment, scouring the web for a service that can provide them with what they’re looking for. In fact, eight people join the Internet every second.

If that’s hard to wrap your head around, consider this stat: 4 billion searches are made on Google each day.

Even if you could tap into the tiniest slice of those 4 billion searches, your revenues would skyrocket. The Internet has become an integral part of the consumer’s daily life, and before purchasing anything, the majority of customers today research online for the best brands and products, as well as reviews, experiences of others, and so on. This means that you should have an active presence on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as a solid SEO foundation so that they can find you on Google.

Moreover, if you own a business, consider making a Google My Business account. This ensures that your business will get visibility on the right hand side of the search results, giving your business an extra boost in search results.

2. SEO Is More Important Than Paid Advertising

Yes, while PPC advertising is one of the most versatile forms of advertising (helping you deliver your business to the world quickly), about 70% of search users click on organic links rather than the paid results.

This means that integrating SEO into your daily marketing routine is essential for the survival of your business on the web. PPC advertising is still a worthy marketing option, but it can be costly for small businesses and doesn’t offer a long-term solution for those who want a continual stream of traffic to their website. It also helps to note that most customers click on organic links first, and many paid links are often ignored. On average, the click-through-rate on a standard paid link is 2%, so only 2% of searchers end up clicking on one of the paid links. This is a very poor CTR, considering that the first few organic search results have CTRs of 10% to 30%.

Yes, while PPC advertising is still a viable option, it may not be a solution for the future, and by having a solid SEO campaign set in place and always ongoing, you’ll always be furthering your site on the search results and this will lead to more clicks and traffic in the long-term.

3. Social Media Marketing Is Essential

Social media marketing can generally be likened to positive word of mouth for your business. By actively taking part with your customers on Facebook or Twitter, you’re creating a ripple effect, since your customers may share your posts, and those posts will generate yet more likes and comments.

While social media marketing may not be considered a direct form of advertising, it definitely helps your brand’s image and keeps your customers continually engaged with what you offer.

In fact, on average, people spend about 4.6 hours per week on social media. This is the highest amount of hours spent on average for any online activity. Social media has become an integral part of our day to day lives, and by placing your business on these platforms, you’re continually pushing your business to the forefront of your current customer base and further.

In fact, over half of US SMBs have said that social media plays an important role in generating business and sales.

As if that weren’t enough, many business owners have said that by taking part in social media marketing, their PageRank has increased as a result (45% of businesses said this), as this has helped drive inbound links to their site. So by embracing social media marketing, you are also helping your search engine results get a boost also.

The effects are shown in these statistics, but if you think about them, it makes sense, because so much of our lives is absorbed in the social media world. Much of your news is gotten on social media, also, and by placing your business out there on the virtual sphere, you’ll have more exposure as a result.

Social media can also keep your current customers. If they buy from your site and enjoy your product, they just might return again and if they become a fan of Facebook, they’ll be able to enter competitions, see announcements and buy from your site again.


Not only will the Internet help bring customers to your website, it will also help you retain those customers. With a solid SEO base and an SEO-friendly website (with plenty of content), you will have a strategy in place to help people find your website. With social media marketing, you’ll be able to gain more customers and retain the current customers you have, as well as enhancing your brand’s image.

So why not get out there and start working on internet marketing? The results will be extraordinary.